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University of Edinburgh campus
University of Edinburgh campus

The University of Edinburgh has been providing students with world-class teaching for more than 425 years, unlocking the potential of some of the world's leading thinkers since 1583.

The University of Edinburgh is one of the five SPRINT partner universities, specialising in geosciences, physics and astronomy.

With over 400 academics, researchers and research students, the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh is the largest grouping of geoscientists in the UK.

It aims to develop a better understanding of the coupled Earth System and its research embraces issues relating to equality and vulnerability, development and sustainability, climate and environmental change, energy, food and water security, mitigation of anthropogenic environmental change, natural resources, waste management, and natural disasters.

The University offers strong core disciplines that include ecology, environmental sciences, geography, geology, geophysics, meteorology and oceanography.

The University also offers expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, advanced engineering capabilities and more through Data Driven Innovation and the Bayes Centre.

Some of the key capabilities that the University of Edinburgh can offer to SPRINT small businesses include:

  • Integration of EO data from satellites, ground sensors, high-altitude platforms, drones and UAVs to support improved models and application of ML/AI
  • Observation, analysis, modelling
  • Combined advanced analytics of EO and non-EO data for new applications of satellite data

Edinburgh – Space Data Capital of Europe!

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