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Space Accelerator – LEO Programme

SPRINT and the Space Accelerator – LEO Programme

SPRINT has teamed up with Entrepreneurial Spark and the UK Space Agency to offer a special innovation support package for companies signed up to the Entrepreneurial Spark Space Accelerator LEO Programme. Companies on the LEO programme are already eligible to consider the full SPRINT innovation offer however you may not be quite ready for this so we’ve developed a more slimline offer that helps to get your company onto a growth trajectory quicker though SPRINT university collaboration.

Up to £5k to support your business growth

We’re offering the opportunity to collaborate with experts from within our partner university network to help address challenges within your business and will contribute up to £5,000 (via a mini Innovation Voucher) towards the university’s costs in supporting your company. The support the funding enables can be used to access university expertise and/or facilities that tackle genuine challenges (both technical and business-related) faced by your company. Our team of Innovation Advisers are on hand to help match your challenge with the relevant academic experts from across the SPRINT partnership and will support your application to SPRINT for the mini Innovation Voucher.

How can I find out more?

To be eligible for the SPRINT mini Innovation Voucher your company must meet the following criteria:

  • be a UK registered micro-entity, small or medium-sized enterprise, located in the UK with an R&D presence (i.e. not just a sales office)
  • be a space company (as defined in the UK space industry: size and health report 2018)
  • be eligible to receive state aid under the de minimis subsidy control regulations (i.e. your company cannot have received over £350,000 in de minimis state aid in the past three fiscal years)
  • be entering into a new collaboration with the university (i.e. not using the mini Innovation Voucher to continue an existing collaborative activity)

If this is you and you want to find out more then simply contact us, letting us know you are a LEO company and sharing some thoughts on the type of support you may need. You may also wish to explore the rest of the website to find out more about the types of support we can offer, the companies we are already working with and our programme key statistics to give you a better feel for how SPRINT could support your company.

Put SPRINT in your plan!

We view university collaboration as a key enabler for many companies developing new space technologies and space-enabled services which is why we’ve made SPRINT is the easiest and most effective mechanism for identifying and enabling real collaboration between space-sector businesses and universities. As you develop your business plan through the LEO Programme be sure to consider where a SPRINT-enable collaboration could add value (either though a mini Innovation Voucher or through collaboration of a more substantive nature). Our team are always on hand to assist you with this.

It’s never been a better time to transform your business growth through space.