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The Small Mars Chamber provides a ‘clean’ simulated martian environment, with dedicated solar illumination, well-suited to instrument qualification and astrobiology experiments. The controls permit automated variation of the environment, such as thermal diurnal cycling etc.

The small Mars chamber is a partially automated environmental chamber system, allowing automated simulation of the martian surface environment. It is 0.7 m in diameter and 1.2 m in length, capable of testing large instruments/structures and exposure of large biological samples (-70°C to +110°C at 6 mbar CO2/N2 atmosphere). The key capability of this chamber is the ability to automate pressure and temperature, allowing thermal cycling tests to be easily performed. In addition, it can also be used for Dry Heat Microbial Reduction (DHMR) sterilisation tests, providing sustained temperatures of > 110°C for continuous periods. The chamber also has illumination ports for a dedicated lamp source which provides simulation of martian UV conditions.


Length1.2 m
Diameter0.7 m
Pressure range1 mbar – 1000 mbar
Temperature range-70°C – +110°C
UV Solar Simulator
Automated temperature control
Automated pressure control

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