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GemaSecure Ltd is a specialist developer of advanced, ultrafast, highly secure, voice and data technologies (FPGA based hardware and embedded secure software applications) focused on the processing of huge amounts of data incredibly quickly – and securely - with our range of 1RU hardware devices able to interrogate, analyse, and process between 1GbE and 400GbE of data throughput in less than 20 microseconds per application using minimal power.

GemaSecure’s latest capability provides a miniature mobile / body worn hardware device, GEE Micro, specifically designed and developed for delivering ultrafast, highly secure voice and data communications for a range of applications including Military; First Responder; Smart City; automotive/autonomous vehicles; full IoT/IIoT protection; as well as many other applications.

These ultrafast, high performance, processing devices can also be used to process our own suite of 34 Cyber applications; our own latest Partial and Full Homomorphic Encryption software; as well as other specialist applications designed and developed by independent third party software developers, who wish to maximise the performance of their own applications by running their software on GemaSecure’s high performance, highly secure, range of hardware devices. Such applications include working with a specialist US based SME to provide high speed processing of NLP voice data

Project Title: Protecting space assets – Learning integrity through AI cyber defence with The University of Southampton

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