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Professor in Remote Sensing, Faculty Director of Enterprise, Director of Research, Geography and Environment at University of Southampton

Prof. Jadu Dash, has a strong international reputation in mapping, monitoring and understanding terrestrial ecosystem processes using Earth observation data. In recognition of these contributions, the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and the Russian Academy of Science awarded him the highly prestigious Zeldovich Medal.  He works closely with the European Space Agency’s Sentinel satellite programme and developed one of the operational satellite land product to estimate canopy chlorophyll content of vegetation. This product is being used across range of projects to monitor productivity and health of terrestrial vegetation including cropland.  His group have pioneered satellite time series analysis to derive automatic information on crop phenological information, which is crucial for large scale monitoring of crop growth and development and in turn predicting yield.  His team is leading the operational validation of Copernicus global vegetation products to ensure they meet the quality requirement for downstream application. He sits on various international scientific committees, including vice chair of COSPAR commission A3.1. Prof Dash has received research funding of over £7 million as PI/Co-I and published more than 80 papers.