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Dr Encarni Medina-Lopez is Chancellor's Fellow (Lecturer) in Data Driven Innovation, Space and Satellite at University of Edinburgh

Dr Encarni Medina-Lopez research focuses on the use of remote sensing to tackle the water-energy-environment trilemma. At present, she is using multi and hyperspectral satellite imagery, in situ data, and machine learning techniques to investigate processes modelling the coastal environment. She is also interested in studying the interaction of marine energy converters and the coast, as well as the relationship between these, social and environmental factors, and the built environment. She holds a PhD in Energy Systems & Dynamics of Biogeochemical Flows.

Research Interests

  • Remote sensing for environmental applications.
  • Maritime and coastal engineering.
  • Coastal oceanography
  • Marine renewable energy.
  • Hydraulics and thermodynamics.
  • Civil and environmental engineering.

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