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New opportunity for UK space businesses

NEWS: National Space Technology Programme Pathfinder 2020 call for space-related R&D projects

The UK Space Agency has announced a new opportunity for R&D projects in the UK space sector

The National Space Technology Programme (NSTP) Pathfinder 2020 call aims to develop the capability of the UK space sector by providing seed funding for early stage innovative ideas. Project proposals are sought for space technology research and development projects in areas including:

• early TRL innovation
• new technology concepts
• knowledge transfer
• skills development
• refining an idea
• undertaking a market survey
• proof of concept

This call will close at midday on 10 August 2020.

If you are intending to apply to this call and are looking to build your team, then SPRINT can help. SPRINT can connect you to hundreds of experts and capabilities from across our network who could be collaborative partners for your bid.

Ross Burgon, Head of the national SPRINT programme commented: “The UK space sector continues to be an area of real potential economic growth for UK PLC and it’s vital that we support new innovations in skills, data, research and technology for this market.

“SPRINT is committed to supporting businesses as they accelerate and grow their innovative product developments using space-related expertise and facilities from our network of UK partner universities. For this new NSTP Pathfinder scheme, we can help to find the right academic experts to support your collaborative bids.”

You can download accompanying documents including the Pathfinder Projects Proposal Application Guide, application form, proposal form, finance sheet and grant agreement from

For more details on how SPRINT can support your business with collaborators for the NSTP Pathfinder call, contact the team at

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