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With the expansion of access to satellite data and applications there are now more opportunities for Northern Ireland based industries than ever. The Your Business Powered by Space - NI event is for all enterprises who are curious in discovering how satellite data and technology can help your organisation to grow.

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Ormeau Avenue, Belfast BT2 8HS, UK

Your Business Powered by Space: NI

Ormeau Avenue, Belfast BT2 8HS, UK

The Your Business Powered by Space – NI event is for all enterprises who are curious in discovering how satellite data and technology can help your organisation to grow.

The event is designed to provide an overview of the uses of satellite data and detail the support mechanisms available for space-enabled services through programmes, such as European Space Agency (ESA) Business Applications. This event will see us bring together the existing Space community in NI and allow new organisations, who are not familiar with this area, to understand how this could benefit their business. There’ll be a great line up of speakers who will document their journey into the use of satellite applications for their business.

You’ll hear from 3DEO about how data is being used for Marine & Maritime applications, for City Resilience and for Security & Homeland; by See.Sense on how they are transforming cycling safety through intelligent lighting solutions; Performance Active in the use of satellite technology to enable new applications in sport and tourism and Belfast City Council on their Smart Cities projects.

The Satellite Applications Catapult is one of a network of UK technology and innovation companies which aim to drive economic growth through the commercialisation of research. Their aim is to support UK industry by accelerating the growth of satellite applications and to contribute to capturing a 10% share of the global space market predicted by 2030.

They are achieving this by exploiting the innovation potential in the UK industrial and academic communities, by being a focal point where small and medium enterprises, large industry and end users can work together with researchers to challenge barriers, explore and develop new ideas, and bring these to commercial reality

In ESA Business Applications our aim is to show that space is open for business and has the power to improve our everyday lives on Earth. We do this by helping companies to integrate space data and technology into commercial services through access to funding, networks and credibility from the ESA brand. Space assets like satellite data or spaceflight technologies offer many opportunities and solutions to businesses. That’s why we open our network of talent, technology and funding to any and all businesses, whether or not they currently use space technologies or data.

Digital Catapult Northern Ireland works closely with a network of organisations from all over the region, who share in the mission of supporting companies based in Northern Ireland to scale and grow. We focus on being at the forefront of innovation by building partnerships and bridging the gap between industry and academia. The centre is focused on helping large and small organisations work smarter and more efficiently by realising and adopting innovative digital technologies.

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