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Network and learn how SPRINT funding could help you. The SPRINT Programme funds new collaborative projects, which will drive forward University commercialisation and increase collaboration to boost economic growth. For SMEs, it is an opportunity to access support for creating new products and services to transform their commercial future.

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Southampton SO16 7QF, UK

SPRINT Networking Opportunity

Southampton SO16 7QF, UK

What is SPRINT?
Together, the Universities of Southampton, Leicester, Surrey, Edinburgh and the Open University form the Space Research and Innovation Network for Technology (SPRINT), which has £4.8M funding from Research England to support SMEs engaging with the Universities, and provide them with unprecedented access to university expertise and facilities. If your company uses technology originally developed for Space, or uses any satellite data or satellite applications technology, SPRINT is relevant for you. At the meeting there will be SPRINT Innovation Advisors who can answer your questions and discuss your project needs.

What will the event give you?
If you are an SME, you will be able to meet with Southampton researchers and hear about what they do – it might be Space Environment Physics, Astronautics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Propulsion, Crop Surveying, Human Factors or 3D Imaging for tumour detection. There will be University experts with international reputations in satellite time series analysis using Earth Observation data to derive products and services for environmental monitoring and food security as well as our data scientists with considerable expertise in handling Big Data; and our world leading Optoelectronics Research Centre and colleagues from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research.
If you are a Researcher, you will get the chance to meet companies, understand challenges from within industry and look at how best the SPRINT network and its funds can be used to collaboratively develop innovative solutions.

It isn’t just rockets!
Growing plants in a spacecraft led to devices that eliminate bacteria, viruses and moulds from air, surfaces and even laundry; Satellites help pinpoint the optimum sites for hydro-electric turbines; Space technology is used in hi-tech medical diagnostic equipment; GPS is crucial to the development of autonomous vehicles; Technology from astronaut suits has helped women suffering from postpartum haemorrhage; NASA helped a company develop a kiln to turn waste plastic into petroleum products… Come and find out how you can benefit from a SPRINT collaboration.

10.00 Coffee and registration
10.15 Welcome and an introduction to SPRINT
10.30 Short pitches from SMEs
11.00 Short pitches from Researchers
11.30 Coffee and Networking
12.00 Case Studies: Plasma Shielding and Elite Cycling – 2 successful SPRINT projects share their experience
12.30 Lunch and networking
13.30 Discussion, questions and next steps towards getting a project underway
14.00 Finish

The Venue is Building 176 Room 1003 and you will be directed where to go when you sign in at the Reception Desk in the main entrance upon arrival. We would be delighted to have you join us for this event and share space sector and satellite applications expertise, challenges, successes and interests. Why not browse the SPRINT website for more information and follow the link to join the SPRINT Network?

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