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Space-enabled data is an increasingly important means of observing our Earth. It offers solutions for the betterment of life alongside a wealth of new and unimagined business and science opportunities. SPRINT to exhibit at DATA.SPACE which provides a platform for thought-leaders across start-ups, investors, decision-making, policy, knowledge, and data makers to network and discover the opportunities that space is enabling on our Earth.

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This is an online event.

16th February 2021: Space for Today

What has the space sector achieved, and how is it supporting, enabling, and accelerating change for the better around the world/

SPRINT Representative: Frances Clarke

16th March 2021: Space for Inclusive Growth

Space enables access to knowledge, information, opportunity, and services.  But how can space create a more inclusive world and ensure these opportunities are available for all?

SPRINT Representative: Kristina Tamane

16th April 2021: Space for Sustainability

We need to create a better and more sustainable future for all.  How do we use space for good, for the good of all our planet, and all of our people?

SPRINT Representative: Frances Clarke

17th May 2021: Space for Transparency

Transparency will be a key marker of a fair and equal society, protecting rights and ensuring diligence and responsibility.  How can space provide impartial and accessible information to ensure that transparency is upheld and social responsibility is accountable?

SPRINT Representative:

16th June 2021: Space for Humanity

In an increasingly connected and changing world, we need global solutions for humanity.  how is space enabling us to preserve & discover our culture heritage, enable isolated communities, and ensure accountability for humanity?

SPRINT Representative: Carmine Maffei

16th July 2021: Space for Climate

“The moment of crisis has come.”  Space was pivotal in understanding our impact on our climate, now a step-change is required to ensure we keep our home on Earth.  What is space doing to enable this future, to develop new insights & services, to create a viable future?

SPRINT Representative: Ian James

16th July 2021: Space for Tomorrow

What will the world look like in 5 years and how will space have helped shape the future?

SPRINT Representative:

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