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The Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC) is home to forward-thinking multidisciplinary approaches to sleep research and offers a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to monitor, record and analyse sleep patterns and sleep disorders.

National and internationally leading, the SRC carries out research into sleep and chronobiology employing genetic, molecular, cellular, neurophysiological, pharmacological and mathematical modelling approaches to understand the contribution of sleep and circadian rhythms to the brain and body in health and disease (including biomarkers). Academics working in this field have raised about £1.5m. Two of our academics in this field are Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holders, and their leading work is internationally recognised. In the space sector there is a project with ESA using a bed rest microgravity simulation study to collect large data sets to develop biomarkers for circadian and sleep disruption during space flight.

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