Hardware vibration tests require simulation of the real world environment under laboratory conditions. This is achieved by using a special shaker system.  The LDS V830 electrodynamic shaker system in the Dynamics Lab which is used by the group is a medium force shaker table.  This can provide a maximum sine vibration force of 9.8 kN.  It can be used for both vertical and horizontal sine, random and transient tests.

While the shaker operates, the armature and table are lifted by compressed air through four cushions at the bottom of the shaker table.  This provides excellent stability.  A set of amplifiers, monitors, sensors and controllers is used to ensure the shaker operates correctly.  The drive signals are defined according to the specifications of the control system.

The shaker table has been used for a variety of cases in both commercial and academic research including testing computer systems, electronic boxes, oil pumps, and spacecraft mechanisms and structures etc.


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