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The Small Icy Bodies Chamber is designed for simulating conditions on icy bodies, like Europa, Ganymede and Enceladus.

The Small Icy Bodies Chamber, measuring 14 cm diameter and 15cm tall, has an integrated cryogenic cooling system capable of simulating conditions on icy bodies such as Europa, Ganymede and Enceladus. The ~5 L chamber can accommodate five viewports (two angled downward, two horizontal and one vertical) which allow for sample observations and spectral data collection. The two horizontally opposed viewports allow for low temperature sample transmission measurement, while the vertical viewport may be used for UV solar simulator illumination.


Volume~5 L
Atmospheric compositionCO2/N2
Pressure~10-5 mbar – 1000 mbar Automated Control
Temperature-150°C – +20°C Automated Control
Viewports1 Top, 2 horizontal (opposed) & 2 angled
UV Solar simulator
Automated temperature control
Automated pressure control

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