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The High Speed Imaging Group explores new technologies for photon-counting imaging at very high speed. Our core interests lie in the development of instrumentation and new capabilities for space science and astronomy applications, and translation of developments in detector science to terrestrial research fields and commercial markets.

New levels of performance offer potential for novel science and new instruments in fields such as time resolved spectroscopy e.g. fluorescence lifetime imaging and Raman spectroscopy, 3D imaging and LIDAR. High speed photon-counting imaging has great technological potential in diverse fields such as medical imaging, clinical diagnostics, microscopy, security and environmental monitoring, bringing about both and economic and societal impact. Detector research within the High Speed Imaging Group is divided into five main themes: High content multi-channel photon counting with picosecond timing; High spatial resolution optical/UV photon imaging; Scene-adaptive pulse processing electronics; Novel materials – Graphene Photodetectors; Novel materials – PMT Dynode Materials

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